Comic Books and Collaboration: All for one and one for...

Comic books have it all: fun artwork and creative narratives cleverly presented to dedicated fans. Sometimes, a comic book brings several authors and artists together to tell a story.  This collaboration is an amazing experience when done with a mutual agreement as to who does what, when, how, and who keeps what intellectual property rights in the finished product.

That mutual agreement should be written down.  The collaborators must clearly identify their relationship with each other, determine who has the intellectual property rights in the story and art they create, detail how profits and expenses will be handled, and map out the work schedules for those artists and authors working on the project.  Does the group want to be classified as a general partnership or does the group want to form an LLC or other legal entity?

A helpful guide to assist you in this journey is the Pocket Lawyer for Comic Book Creators: A Legal Toolkit for Comic Book Artists and Writers, written by Thomas Crowell, Esq.

If the thought of doing one of these collaboration agreements or forming an LLC or other legal entity seems insurmountable, just show the Bathke signal, and I will be there to help!

P.S. Remember also to register your creative works with the Copyright Office.  A comic book artist and/or author deserves the maximum protection for their creative works, and the key to that protection is registration.

Photo by  Jase Ess  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jase Ess on Unsplash