Phoenix v. Rumsey, the long road to the Seventh Circuit

The case was called; I approached the large ominous wooden lectern. In front of me was the distinguished panel of judges. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals is an intimidating place. I took a deep breath.

For several weeks prior to this moment, I prepared and prepared and prepared for oral argument.  For several months prior to this moment, I wrote, and rewrote, and rewrote the appellate brief.  The arguments were made, the law cited.  Would the United States Supreme Court case Dastar save the day?

"May it please the Court, Counsel...." I was only able to utter one single phrase from my planned introduction before the true fun began. Question after question from the panel, fifteen minutes came and went. The experience was a humbling one. I was relieved when the little light on the podium turned red.

That was in February of this year.  Last Thursday, the Seventh Circuit decided the case. The Court ruled in our client's favor, Phoenix Entertainment Partners, LLC v. Rumsey, No. 15-2844 (July 21, 2016) C.D. Ill. Affirmed.