Your startup business is ready to go. You selected your brand name / trademark and created a logo. You feel ready. Did you take the time to search for other businesses out there that may be using your brand name?

Selecting a unique brand name / trademark is crucial in today's commercial environment. We are all bombarded with so much everyday; you obviously want to stand out. One tip - create a brand name / trademark that is original and non-descriptive. Five years from now, you don't want to have to defend a trademark infringement lawsuit brought by another business that was using the same brand before you to sell similar products.  

Do you need help with your trademark search or registration?

A trademark is a very important investment. Whether you have or have not yet started using your trademark, you will want to know who else out there is using the same name. You may also want to register your trademark. While the federal registration process is not overly complicated, if not done correctly, your application for registration may be rejected.  I can help you with the process. 

Is someone using your trademark?

If you find that someone else is using your trademark to sell similar goods or services, it may be necessary to take action. Sending a demand letter is just the first step. Give me a call and we can discuss all of your options.

Did you use someone’s trademark?

You receive a letter in the mail demanding that you stop using your valuable trademark to sell your goods or services. What do you do? Don’t wait around. Call my office. Together we can create a plan of action to tackle this problem head on.  

Please contact me with any questions or concerns:  John Bathke, Attorney at Law, (312) 380-0680,  I am here to help.